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Forthcoming Events
December 21st
Special speaker to be confirmed!

November 23rd 
Emily Lynch from the Rotary Charity 'Send A Cow' told us how it all started with people actually freighting cows to Uganda 30 years ago and how the charity has evolved to assist refugees make a new sustainable  life for themselves

November 2nd 
Joff Williams joined us from Texas to tell us about the amazing work of Mercy Ships and his new role in charge of running the 'Global Mercy', the largest purpose-built civilian hospital ship, run by volunteers and providing world-class medical care and training in poorer countries, where it is needed most.

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October 26th
Ruth Le Lion gave us a fascinating talk on the logistics of  how they created the ART EVENT that Wrapped up the Paris Icon of the Arc de Triomphe.

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October 5th
Sumer Eid from the SCPA
& Annie Crewlow from Communicare with an update on the Southampton Childrens Play Association activities and their Play Day in July

Lizi Fewtrel
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September 28th 
Lizi Fewtrell from 'No Limits'
told us how they are helping local young people, from age 4 to 20 with their mental health issues, especially since the pandemic started 


September 7th
Sally Randall gave us an update on the work of 
Abby's Heroes and the mental help and support they are offering family members


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August 31st
Alan Matlock from the
Spitfire Makers' Charitable Trust
'Building Spitfires without a factory'
Stories about the bombing of the Woolston factory and the thousands of people who then built Spitfire parts all around Southampton and much further afield too!

August 17th

Prof Ramsey Cutress

Breast Cancer Specialist from

Southampton General Hospital gave us an insight into the work they do developing improvements in treatments and outcome for their patients.

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July 13th  

Trevor White told us to 'Never Trust Your Eyes!

Another fascinating talk, making us realise how very little we really see!

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July 6th
Brian Hooper and Peter Hill from 'Shirley Men's Shed'

Bringing together men (and ladies) in the local community for company and to share skills.


June 29th

Charlotte Sturgess and Sammii Wood from The Rainbow Trust

told us how they support families of children with terminal illness in our area, pre, during and post pandemic.

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2021-06-11 15_54_34-RCSW 2- Zoom.png

 June 8th
Annie Clelow from
Communicare Southampton

A very informative talk by Annie on challenges faced in changing the way they work in the community through Covid restrictions.  Plus how they are evolving and ensuring that they meet the needs of their service users as well as looking after their 'army' of 'Communicarers'.

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May 25th

Claire Gradidge

Local Author

An excellent book review was given by Claire, who told us the background to her first book 'The Unexpected Return of Josephine Fox' and read a few pages from the first chapter.  We look forward to the sequel ' Treachery at Hursley Park House', to be published October 202

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May 11th

Jono Harvey

Subject:- Live from St Nicolas Church

Today's talk was a surprise and a special treat; Jono gave us a live outside broadcast from Nicolas Church with a Zoom tour of the recent renovations, Bell Tower and the 'One-Hand Clock'.

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May 4th

Derek Kelly

Subject:- 'Restoring an Old Rocker'!

 Derek gave a fascinating and well illustrated  talk on the origins of Rocking Horses, and his painstaking restoration of an 'Old Rocker' purchased in 1996. - A true 'labour of love' over 5 weeks of Lockdown, - with beautiful results,

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April 20th 

Speaker:- John Miles 

Subject:- Global Sight Solutions

John is a very committed member of the Guildford Rotary Club who started this 'avoidable blindness' charity, their mission being to provide free eye care and eye surgery to the very poor in the developing world. They work with local Rotary Clubs, to establish self-sustaining eye hospitals

See  www.globalsightsolutions.org  for more information

K Barbour

Mar 30TH 

Speaker:- Kathrine Barbour

 Subject:-  Southampton Dementia

An inspiring talk by Katherine, who is passionate about raising awareness in Southampton, of the many challenges faced by dementia sufferers and their carers.  She helps run groups, publishes a monthly magazine and ensures all authorities and volunteers are working together 

rcsw STROKES 4:21.png

April 13th 

Speaker:- Ranji Parmar  and Jo Elliot

Subject:- Assisting younger stroke survivors

Ranj and Jo gave a polished and informative presentation on the causes, effects and help available for people with

strokes, and how strokes come in many different forms.

They both spoke passionately from first-hand experience of how help from differentstrokessouthampton.co.uk. was instrumental in getting people back to work and coping positively with life after a stroke.

Great Wall of China - 2019 trek by Martin Crawford

March 23rd

 Speaker Martin Crawford

 Subject:- Trekking the Great Wall of China

A fascinating and absorbing video, talk and slide show of a recent trek along the Great wall of China by Martin and a group of Salvation Army companions.

They not only returned with memories of a lifetime, but managed to raise £145,000 in charity sponsorship with their efforts.

Trevor White - Art historian, author and speaker
Art and Perspective  - Book by Trevor White

March 9th

 Speaker Trevor White

 Subject:- Art and Perspective through the ages

Trevor gave a very eloquent and instructive presentation of how art went from simple flat views of subjects to the development of perspective in pictures.

Trevor spoke from his home in France. This was our first international speaker courtesy of Zoom. 

Neil Revell - Head Teacher, Cedar School

March 2nd 

Speaker:- Neil Revell - Cedar's New Head Teacher

Subject:-  Moving Forward with Cedar School.

Neil's staff;  governors,  the Young People and their families, came up with definitions of what C - E - D - A - R stood for:-

    Communication - Empowerment - Discovery

Aspirations and Resilience. 

   A lovely film made by children in Sapphire Class, was shown to illustrate how they use these definitions in their lives. 

 His inspirational talk, encouraged us to work further with them.

Radar 1.jpg

February 23rd 

Speaker:-Philip Benstead

Subject:-  Local development of Radar.

An in-depth talk with anecdotes on the development of

Radar before, during and after the war in the Hampshire

area, including Christchurch and RAF Sopley.  Plus twists

and turns in history between countries and politicians

Jennifer. speaker at the  Rotary Club of Southampton Magna.

February 9th

Speaker:- Jennifer with her Hearing Dog Lenny

Subject:-  Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Jennifer gave a fascinating talk about how Hearing Dogs are chosen and trained , plus the dramatic differences that one can make to someone’s life!

Lenny has given Jennifer confidence to sleep, knowing Lenny will alert her to any problems, also to be more confident and get out to meet people.

John Parkhouse, Rotary Club of Southampton Magna.

February 2nd speaker John Parkhouse

 Subject:- The battles of 'The Black Prince'

John's interest in Edward Woodstock -1330 - 1376 -otherwise know as 'The Black Prince' brought to life many of the battles he fought in France during his short life.

Of particular note was of his role as a brilliant commander during the Hundred Years’ War, winning his major victory at the Battle of Poitiers 

Alex Hughes.  Rotary Club of Southampton Magna.

January 19th Speaker:-Alex Hughes

Subject:- Tales from South America

Alex spent many years in South America organising the Salvation Army's field workers, A job which require many skills and brought him into contact with cultural differences that had to be overcome. 

December Speaker:-Mike Storr

Subject:- 'Masters of Mirth'

Michelle Sherwood - Speaker

December Speaker:-Michelle Sherwood

Subject:- 'Helping Vulnerable people'

Michelle Sherwood from 'Right at Home'; a private care organisation, spoke on her satisfying work in helping vulnerable people in Southampton stay in their own homes.

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December Speaker:- Mandy Wiltshire

Subject:- 'Helping people with mental health

Mandy Wiltshire from Solent MIND spoke about the various ways that their organisation is helping people in our area, of all ages, with mental issues, especially at this difficult time.

November Speaker:- Jeremy Prescot.

Subject:- Poppy; the Miracle flower from Flanders

Jeremy gave an inspirational and thought provoking delivery on the origins of how the use of the Poppy became the icon of fallen personnel in wartime.

.One could not be but impressed with this well informed talk, given with passion and commitment. 

October Speaker:- Ruth LeLion.

Subject:- 'Stories Behind the Faces'.

A fascinating and engaging talk on some of the portraits at the National Portrait Gallery.

Ruth spoke not only about the sitters in the portraits but also revealed some anecdotes of the commissioned artists.

September Speaker:- Roy Romsey.

Subject:- 'Stained Glass Window at Romsey Abbey.'.


The September speaker gave a colourfully illustrated talk on the many victorian and some of the more modern stained glass windows at Romsey Abbey.

He also gave a preview of a new window installed to commemorate the bicentenary of the birth of Florence Nightingale. 


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