Important News!

A New Era - A New Rotary Club


Southampton and Southampton West Rotary have merged.

They are now known as

Southampton Solent Rotary

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God Save The King

Rest In Peace Your Majesty
We mourn the passing of your Historic Reign

Rotary Volunteers


Who Are We? 
We are People like you
 who care for their local Communities.
   We are Volunteers
 Helping others Help Themselves

JJoin Us - discover what we do

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Getting involved with Rotary volunteers provides benefits not only to our communities, but for our members as well. Take a look at the benefits below for more information and resources in order to help you get the most out of membership.

You become part of a global network of 1.2 Rotary volunteers in 35,000 clubs.

Meaningful Connections

Rotary builds meaningful connections and grows your network of friends, colleagues and fellow volunteers. Meet new people through volunteering and other events.

A Trusted Reputation

During Rotary's 115 year history, we have built up a reputation for being an ethical service organisation, respected around the world which allows us to work with other organisations to maximise our impact.

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Stuart Hill
Southampton Solent Rotary Club
Rotary is an International Service Organisation with
1.2 million members worldwide

We meet Tuesdays for

Zoom and Lunch Meetings

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Contact Paul
 023 8078 1516

Southampton Solent Rotary
Held its Inauural Merger Meeting July 12th 2022

Inauguration Meeting of new SOUTHAMPTON SOLENT Rotary Club July 12th 2022
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Lord Mayor Attends Charter Garden Party

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The ROTARY Family FunDay
Gave Free entry & enjoyment for 100s of local families
it also  Raised £1,284-00
for Abby's Heroes

A charity for families of children with cancer

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 The 40s Concert Party
and SPITFIRE Flypast

Raised £6,137-00 for
Piam Brown Children's Cancer, Mountbatten Hampshire and other Rotary Charities

THANK YOU for Supporting our
Final Event

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Our Swan Song

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    The 70s Club Evening 

   April 2022

 Raised £1200-00

It was  an Evening of Food,

Live Music &  Convivial Company 

at The Concorde Eastleigh

Proceeds went to Wessex Heartbeat Cardiac Unit

Click for photos of the event


Your Support in 2021 
  helped raise over £12,000 

 Distributed to 15 deserving groups and individuals  
  Communities function better when we help each other
2022 is set to be even better

 You also helped save lives
We installed a  new defibrillators 

For use when someone has Cardiac Arrest
It's located at:
The CONCORDE Stoneham Lane

Eastleigh SO50 9HQ 

Screen Shot 2021-08-15 at 12.17.34.png
   The Defibrillator can save lives 
 Ensure you know where it is 
Visit and read the instructions on how to access it 

The speed you take to access it is vital 

 Action Days 

 Rotary members 
help keep our beaches 
clean  at  Lepe Beach 

Beach Clean-up by Rotary members

  Join our Monthly Talks 

Chris Packham - Christmas Speaker at Rotary Club Christmas Meeting
    A Rotary Scoop!
MChris Packham
Recently gave us an
Exclusive ZOOM Talk

 Join us to hear more interesting talks 
Rotary Club of Southampton West Zoom Audience listening to Christ Packham give Wildlife Talk.

Speaker's Corner

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Join our meetings to listen to interesting and inspiring talks given each month.


27th Sept 2022

200 years

The Growth of Romsey

By Phoebe Merrick

Recent Speakers

Mar    Gloria Barnet

          The Weird Fish Lady

Feb    Neil Revell + 3 pupils

          An amazing insight into Cedar School!

Jan    Lauren Smits

          Tools for Self Reliance

Dec   Chris Packham

          New Forest Wildlife

Nov   Joff Williams

          Global Mercy Ships

Oct    Ruth LeLion

           'An Art Talk "Paris Wrapped'

Oct    Sumer Eid & Annie Clewlow

           SCPA Play Days 2021 & 2022

Aug Prof Ramsey Cutress

          Breast Cancer Specialist    

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 Santa Raised £550-00 at Tesco Tin Shake  

 Christmas Events 

   Rotary  Santa  Visits  
  YMCA  - Cedar School - Tesco's  

Sanitizing Products

Covid News

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   It is with great sadness we report the passing of our past president John Parkhouse, whose dedication to the club and whose leadership will be difficult to replace.


    John had been a member of Southampton West Rotary Club since 1975, he and  Chrissie have been a formidable team. Our thoughts are with Chrissie and family at this sad time.

A Memorial Service was held April 5th at Southampton Crematorium .

47 years of Service

 Rotary's Polio News 


Children Plant 1,000 Crocus Corms

at Portswood Recreational Park


Why Purple Crocus?

Purple is the colour of

the dye put onto

children's fingers

when they

have been


against Polio.