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We are People like you
     who care for their local Communities.
We are Volunteers
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 Who Are We? 

David Chalmers president Rotary Club of Southampton West
David Chalmers
Rotary Club of Southampton West
Rotary is an International Service Organisation with
1.2 million members worldwide

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  Southampton West Rotary Club
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  Coming Events  


June 26th
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Big Band Raffle  - 40 Prizes
A Barrow of Booze - with 40 Drinks
Proceeds to Hospice and Children Charities


 Win a unique 40s Party Wheelbarrow brimming with more than 40 items to get your party started!

A trule one of a kind wheelbarrow,

hand painted by TV personality Pete Green, -  often seen on TV  in 'Shed and Buried' and 'Find it, Fix it, Drive it!'

PLUS 40 other star prizes

Concorde event tickets, various hampers and luxury food items, meal and travel vouchers, beauty vouchers, champagne, wine, beers, chocolates and toiletries!

For Raffle tickets & tickets for the Concert

call:- 01489 795 694  or  023 80 510

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  The Next Big Event  

 A SPITFIRE Flypast 
for our 1940s Garden Party




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   It is with great sadness we report the passing of our past president John Parkhouse, whose dedication to the club and whose leadership will be difficult to replace.


    John had been a member of Southampton West Rotary Club since 1975, he and  Chrissie have been a formidable team. Our thoughts are with Chrissie and family at this sad time.

A Memorial Service was held April 5th at Southampton Crematorium .

    The 70s Club Event

   on April 11th 2022   


 Raised £1200 

It was  an Evening of

Food, Live Music &

 Convivial Company 

at The Concorde Eastleigh

Proceeds were for Wessex Heartbeat Cardiac Unit

Click for photos of the event


  Join our Monthly Talks 

Chris Packham - Christmas Speaker at Rotary Club Christmas Meeting
    A Rotary Scoop!
MChris Packham
Recently gave us an
Exclusive ZOOM Talk

 Join with us to hear more interesting talks 
Rotary Club of Southampton West Zoom Audience listening to Christ Packham give Wildlife Talk.

Speaker's Corner

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Join our meetings to listen to interesting and inspiring talks given each month.

Recent Speakers

Mar    Gloria Barnet

          The Weird Fish Lady

Feb    Neil Revell + 3 pupils

          An amazing insight into Cedar School!

Jan    Lauren Smits

          Tools for Self Reliance

Dec   Chris Packham

          New Forest Wildlife


Watch this space for future announcements!

Nov   Joff Williams

          Global Mercy Ships

Oct    Ruth LeLion

           'An Art Talk "Paris Wrapped'

Oct    Sumer Eid & Annie Clewlow

           SCPA Play Days 2021 & 2022

Aug Prof Ramsey Cutress

          Breast Cancer Specialist    

 Action Days 

  We teamed up with other Rotary Clubs 
  to survey and clean-up Lepe Beach  

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Christmas Events

   Rotary  Santa Visits  
  YMCA  - Cedar School - Tesco's  

 Click to enlarge photos 
 Santa Raised £550-00 at Tesco Tin Shake  

  Party Time 

   100 Members and Guests celebrate at the Concorde   
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 Stay Smart- Stay Apart 

Sanitizing Products

Covid News

Fund Raising Projects

 A Sucessful Family Fun Day 
Raised £2,081 for 

  Children's Cancer & a local Defibrillator

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NB: The Defibrillator

It's installed outside the

For use when someone has Cardiac Arrest
   The Defibrillator can save lives 
 Ensure you know where it is 
Visit and read the instructions on how to access it 

The speed you take to access it is vital 

A Wheelbarrow
of Booze Raffle

Raised £1,000-00
For Abby's Heroes &
Local Breast Cancer Research

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Well Done & Thanks to Sharon, Ruth & Everyone at the 
Star Inn- Horsefair Romsey

NHS 'Thank You' Banners
Raised £2,100 

Thank You.

  You helped us raise £11,776-00 in 2021  

 for 23 deserving groups and individuals   

  Communities function better when we help each other  

 Polio News 


Children Plant 1,000 Crocus Corms

at Portswood Recreational Park


The Crocus corms planted by the children at Portswood Primary School, cubs and friends of the Rec; highlight Rotary's fight to eliminate Polio Worldwide

Why Purple Crocus?

Purple is the colour of

the dye put onto

children's fingers

when they

have been


against Polio.

Rotary initially started the 'PolioPlus' project in 1985, Since then, they with their partners, have reduced the 350,000 cases of Polio detected annually, to less than 50 cases in two countries. 

Wordsworth Primary School enjoy crocuses planted for Rotary Polio Programme
Wordsworth Primary School enjoy crocuses planted for Rotary Polio Programme

Wordsworth Primary School enjoy crocuses planted for Rotary Polio Programme

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Wordsworth Primary School enjoy crocuses planted for Rotary Polio Programme
Wordsworth Primary School enjoy crocuses planted for Rotary Polio Programme

Wordsworth Primary School enjoy crocuses planted for Rotary Polio Programme

press to zoom
Wordsworth Primary School enjoy crocuses planted for Rotary Polio Programme
Wordsworth Primary School enjoy crocuses planted for Rotary Polio Programme

Wordsworth Primary School enjoy crocuses planted for Rotary Polio Programme

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Purple finger.jpg


1.2 million members in 31,000 Rotary Clubs worldwide achieve enormous benefits for mankind.

Rotary members have collectively raised over £350 million specifically to eradicate Polio worldwide, the fund has been added to by WHO and the Gates Foundation. 

Rotary have also organised medical teams to perform a million free cataract eye operations in the developing world.

Click here for MORE... 

 Membership News 

Rotary Clubs Celebrate 116th Birthday

A Good Time to Celebrate

 Rotary Began 116 years ago

Southampton West Rotary Club

 Started 51 years ago


A Service Club with

1.2 million members

in 30,000 clubs worldwide.;

  We meet  every  TUESDAY 
Online Zoom meetings at 1.00pm - LIVE MEETINGS at  12.45pm
  You are Welcome to Join us   
For details see our Diary page 
  Contact:- John Parkhouse Tel 02380 908 434

We Welcomed 6 new members last year

 Julie Wilton and Dave Layton  are welcomed as Associate members by Grayson at a recent lunchtime meeting, Julie works for a Law firm and Dave runs a garage in Shirley.

 Martin Crawford  Minister of The Salvation Army, previously an IT & Admin Specialist for the RAF. Enjoys most sport (some playing), watching movies and old TV comedy classics.”

 Chris Schulter   is the latest member to join us, he is a professor of economics, who between working in France and Germany, has been a Rotary supporter for many years. 

 Ruth LeLion and Peter  Green have been staunch Associate Members of the Rotary Club of Southampton West for many years. They have now become full members.

Dave Layton and Julie  Wilton
Martin Crawford 1
Paul Prod rcsw
a Ruth and Pete

Become a Member of Rotary

Help Make a Difference in your Community

We also have Associate and Full Membership Available

Chat to us for details  -  Click for more details


All Work No Play...

     One of the many attractions of being a Rotary member, is that of fun-raising and fundraising- they feature in equal amounts.

      A programme of social activities ranging from theatre visits and pub boules, to evenings of International cuisine and quiz nights, all of which are regular events.  Click here for MORE...

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The Rotary Club of Southampton West
a small, friendly,
mixed-gender group of 29 members.  

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