Members of Rotary Clubs are ordinary people who give their time helping others to help themselves; locally, nationally and internationally.

We believe it's an enjoyable activity

We therefore arrange plenty of social events as well as fund raising and hands-on projects.

Join us at our weekly meetings


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Conversation between Colleagues



40's Extravaganza Concert

 Cancelled for this year

but reset to

26th June next year



Meanwhile listen to the


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A great ROTARY

 North Stoneham 


  Fun Day 

is being planned


 Sunday 8th August 

in the gardens of the  Concorde Club 

Stalls - Games - Food -Competitions

all are welcome

details to follow soon

Rotary Clubs Celebrate 116th Birthday

A Good Time to Celebrate

The Rotary Club of Southampton West was formed during 1969,

 We are therefore celebrating our 51st Anniversary.

Rotary was the world’s first 'Service Club'; it is now 116 years old.

Today some 1.2 million professional men and women belong to more than 30,000clubs worldwide.; all are united under the motto "Service Above Self"

it was founded 23 February 1905 when lawyer Paul Harris and three friends met in a small office in downtown Chicago.


They named their new club “Rotary” to describe the practice of meeting in rotation at various places for the purpose of using their skills and knowledge to help communities, locally, nationally and internationally

We Welcome 7 new members.

Sally Randall   ‘I am really looking forward to being an Associate Member of the Rotary, everyone has made me feel very welcome. Hopeful for the New Year when normal service can resume...

Martin Crawford Minister of The Salvation Army, previously an IT & Admin Specialist for the RAF. Enjoys most sport (some playing), watching movies and old TV comedy classics.”

Debbie King   is no stranger to helping in the community, she has a background in the care sector, and her skills will be of help to Rotary as and when her work allows.

Chris Schulter   is the latest member to join us, he is a professor of economics, who between working in France and Germany, has been a Rotary supporter for many years. 

John Evett   has a background in Health and Safety, he also became a member in January this year - Welcome John.

Ruth LeLion and Peter Green have been staunch Associate Members of the Rotary Club of Southampton West for many years. They have now become full members.

We have Associate and Full Membership Available

Chat to us for details  -  Click for more details


 4,000 crocus corms have been planted in local schools in recognition of Rotary's Purple4Polio campaign to eradicate Polio worldwide.

Purple is the colour of the dye put onto children's fingers who have been vaccinated

 Rotary initially started the

'PolioPlus'  project in 1985, Since then, they with their partners, have reduced the 350,000 cases of Polio detected annually, to just 50 cases in two countries. 

2 out of 3 PolioViruses Eradicated WORLDWIDE

   Funds Raised Recently 

  Christmas Events  £2,055

 Distributed to Solent Mind and Shirley Salvation Army 

Raffle £800 in aid of Piam Brown

Children's  cancer ward 

  Other Events Raised £1,750  

 Distributed to 5 local schools to help them at Christmas

 Thank you to all those who took part and for being so generous 

  Brave New World 

 We Meet Weekly With Online ZOOM MEETINGS 

   Every TUESDAY at 2pm  

   You are Welcome to Join us   

 For details 

  Contact:- John Parkhouse Tel 02380 908 434  

  Email:-  rcsw70@gmail.com  

Speaker's Corner

Join our meetings to listen to interesting and inspiring talks given each month.


April 20th 

Speaker:- John Miles 

Subject:- Global Sight Solutions

May 11th 

Speaker:- Jono Harvey

Subject:-  An update on St Nicolas, Stoneham

Recent Speakers

April   Ranji Parmar and Jo Elliot

          Helping younger Stroke sufferers

Mar   Kathrine Barbour

          Southampton Dementia

Mar    Martin Crawford

          Trekking the Wall of China

Mar  Trevor White

          Art and Perspective through the ages.

Mar  Neil Revell, head of Cedar School

         His vision for Cedar School

Feb  Philip Benstead  

          Anecdotes of Radar development

Feb   Jennifer Knight

          'Hearing Dogs for the Deaf'

Feb  John Parkhouse

         Edward Woodstock ' The Black Prince.'

Jan  Alex Hughes

        Tales from South America.

Dec  Mike Storr

         RC Carlton Masters of Mirth'

Dec. Michelle Sherwood

         Working with vulnerable people.

Nov  Mandy Wiltshire

         Helping people with mental health issues.

Nov:- Jeremy Prescott 

          Poppy; the Miracle flower from Flanders

Oct:- Ruth LeLion

          Favourite art from National Portrait Gallery.

Sept:- Roy Romsey

           Romsey Abbey Stained Glass windows.

Click for images and details from previous talks

  The 70s Club QUIZ NIGHT  

  was an Evening of Convivial Hilarity  

Graphics by Roy Romsey

  Join us at the next '70s CLUB' night  

  Tuesday 1st June 2021

    A Zoom Meeting with    

  Magician, Steve Price  


1.2 million members in 31,000 Rotary Clubs worldwide achieve enormous benefits for mankind.

Rotary members have collectively raised over £350 million specifically to eradicate Polio worldwide, the fund has been added to by WHO and the Gates Foundation. 

Rotary have also organised medical teams to perform a million free cataract eye operations in the developing world.


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  Time for Change  

Collect your loose change

in a Jar for one year.  

It will Help Rotary help others.

Encourage your friends to join in.

Together we can do great things.


Click here to print labels for jars

Peter Green Virus initiative.jpeg

'Thank You' Banners

Raise £2,100 for NHS  

Handmade Banners by New Rotarian Pete Green  

attracted £1,760:00 in sales plus £340 donations

A brilliant idea of Rotary helping in the community



Pete's Posters Become Collector's Items

The southern Evening Echo reported that one of Peter's Poster was stolen from Hill Lane.

We hope the thief used it to good effect.

All Work No Play...

     One of the many attractions of being a Rotary member, is that of fun-raising and fundraising- they feature in equal amounts.

      A programme of social activities ranging from theatre visits and pub boules, to evenings of International cuisine and quiz nights, all of which are regular events.  Click here for MORE...

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The Rotary Club of Southampton West
a small, friendly,
mixed-gender group of 29 members.  



at a Weekly Zoom Meeting


2:00 pm

For details call John

Tel 023 80 908 434 



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